Welcome to Expert Sudoku.  The goal of this website is to provide challenging Sudoku puzzles for your enjoyment.  If you are a beginner this may not be the best place to start, but you are welcome to try! Not all the puzzles here will be mind-numbingly hard, but all are guaranteed to require at least one advanced solving technique to successfully complete.  One new puzzle will be presented each day.

There will be no fee charged to use this site to play the daily puzzles, but you will (eventually) be required to create an account.  If at all possible we would like to make all features of this site available to everyone free of charge, but if necessary we may provide the option to create (or upgrade to) a paid account which has access to all features of the site (e.g. the puzzle archives) while unpaid accounts would only have access to the daily puzzle.

The main purpose of an account to play here is to keep track of your statistics.  We will keep track of which puzzles you solved and how long it took you to solve each puzzle.  Best times for each day will be published in the Expert Sudoku Hall of Fame.

You will find this site easy to use, with an intuitive interface and several helpful tools for solving the tough puzzles presented here.  Even though the interface is intuitive, you are encouraged to go to the Help page and read the instructions before you go to the Puzzle page.

Site Under Construction

While the full site is not ready to use feel free to try what is here.  Keep in mind, this is a work in progress so sometimes things just won't work and other times you may be an­noyed by popup boxes with debug information.  Please use the contact form (see the Help menu) to report problems you encounter. To facilitate development work, the puzzles currently being published are not the expert puzzles that will be featured here soon.